Rock Music Style and Development


Schenectady County Community College

  • Semester
    Fall 2021
  • Instructor
    Sten Isachsen
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This course explores the historical development of rock music in terms of musical style as well as of rock music's role as a social, cultural, economic and political force. The course covers the pre-existing styles (pop, country and western, rhythm and blues, jazz, folk, gospel and classical music) that impacted the evolution of rock music. Directed listening exercises emphasize music listening skills and reinforce concepts of musical style and elements such as rhythm, pitch, dynamics, timbre and form.
General Education Area(s): Arts
Course Area: Music
Level: Lower Level Undergraduate
Dates: 08-30-2021 - 12-18-2021
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Instructor: Sten Isachsen
Local Course ID: 21FA_SCH_MUS115_71
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