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    Fall 2021
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Students learn about trends and issues related to the design of Accounting Information Systems (AIS) that provide timely information to decision makers to add value, protect information, assess security risks and comply with mandates. Topics include the connections between the information system and the need for financial control, documentation, record keeping and reporting. Student projects may include hands-on experience in using accounting software to design an accounting information system for a small-to-medium size business. This course covers in its components technology implementation and information management skills in business Prerequisites: Intermediate Accounting 1&2 or equivalent. Basic computer skills are required as well as access to a personal computer onto which accounting software can be downloaded and used. Even though Accounting concentration students may already have completed Management Information Systems (MIS) or intend to complete MIS, they are strongly urged to enroll in Accounting Information Systems (AIS), as it is directly geared to accounting applications. The course satisfies information management guidelines and professional technical skills. This course was previously BME-213214 Accounting Information Systems.
Course Area: Accounting
Level: Upper Level Undergraduate
Dates: 09-07-2021 - 12-17-2021
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Local Course ID: 21FA_ESC_ACCT4005_01
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