World History II: Western Civilization


Old Westbury University College

  • Semester
    Summer 2021
  • Instructor
    Frank Mann
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This course will explore the origins, dynamics and development of Western Civilization. Emphasis will be given to the shaping of political, economic, social, religious, intellectual as well as cultural aspects from the dawn of the West to the Renaissance. In particular, the course will examine the civilizations of the Near East, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Byzantium as well as the making of feudal society and the rise of modernity in the West. Students will understand the heritage of the west and its connection with modern times.
Course Area: History
Level: Lower Level Undergraduate
Dates: 06-14-2021 - 07-15-2021
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Instructor: Frank Mann
Local Course ID: 21SU_OLD_HI2521_N21
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