Accounting Principles 2


Jefferson Community College

  • Semester
    Fall 2021
  • Instructor
    Richard Merryman
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This course will continue the discussion of financial accounting topics presented in ACC 101 and expand into managerial accounting topics. Financial accounting topics to be covered include: property, plant and equipment acquisition, depreciation, and disposal; natural resources; intangible assets; payroll and current liabilities; concepts and principles; corporation formation, operation, and liquidation; long-term liabilities; statement of cash flows; analyzing financial statements; and ethics in the accounting profession. Managerial accounting topics to be covered include: managerial accounting terminology; manufacturing firms' reports; cost behavior analysis; cost-volume-profit analysis; and budgetary preparation. Prerequisite: ACC 101. 4 cr. 4 Lec. (Per Departmental Standards Version of ACC 102, approved by Academic Affairs on 09/25/2008).
Prerequisites: ACC 101
Course Area: Accounting
Level: Lower Level Undergraduate
Dates: 08-30-2021 - 12-21-2021
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Instructor: Richard Merryman
Local Course ID: 21FA_JEF_ACC102_2
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