World History since 1500


University at Buffalo

  • Semester
    Summer 2021
  • Instructor
    Emily Ann Bowlus-Peck
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This course will examine major civilizations in world history since roughly 1300, with particular attention to the foundational ideas and beliefs that have both inspired and challenged them. Human civilizations have been continuously evolving, adapting, expanding, fragmenting, and interacting with one another for thousands of years. Understanding the history of civilizations requires attention not only to material and technological changes over time, but also to the belief systems, ideologies, and structures of power that have defined civilizations and shaped our lived environments. Has the rising intensity of global interaction over the past several centuries led us on a path of convergence toward a single civilization? Or does the past demonstrate that despite high levels of contact and exchange, human civilizations remain as varied as ever? MOD
Course Area: History
Level: Lower Level Undergraduate
Dates: 06-01-2021 - 07-09-2021
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Instructor: Emily Ann Bowlus-Peck
Local Course ID: 21SU_BUF_HIS142_RECBOW
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