Restorative Yoga


University at Buffalo

  • Semester
    Summer 2021
  • Instructor
    Jessica E Nyrop
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This class is designed to introduce students to restorative yoga, a method of bringing deep relaxation to the body and mind through specific postures and techniques. Through this course, students will learn poses that calm the mind, body, and nervous system, as well as utilize props to support and relax the body. Poses are held for longer periods which, allow muscles to relax deeply under the support of props. Restorative yoga is a practice that can help to balance an active lifestyle and schedule.
Course Area: Recreation & Leisure
Level: Lower Level Undergraduate
Dates: 06-01-2021 - 07-09-2021
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Instructor: Jessica E Nyrop
Local Course ID: 21SU_BUF_REC158_LABNYR
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