Abi-Guzunt! Be Healthy! Judaism, Health and Healing


SUNY Plattsburgh

  • Semester
    Spring 2022
  • Instructor
    Anne Bongiorno
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This course explores the historical and cultural contexts of Judaic health and healing in a multicultural world. Relationships between Judaism and the Holocaust are considered across the continuum of the life experience. The impact of Jewish lifeways and Talmudic teachings, including mysticism and folklore and effects on individual and community health are examined. Jewish feminism and bioethical principles are explored as well as the concepts of Zionism and sovereignty on public health policy. The impact of poverty and community on human rights and justice is analyzed. Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer.
Course Area: Nursing
Level: Upper Level Undergraduate
Dates: 03-28-2022 - 05-15-2022
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Instructor: Anne Bongiorno
Local Course ID: 22SP_PLA_NUR385_WB1
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