21st Century Careers: Advanced


Empire State College

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    Summer 2022
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In this course, students examine projected employment trends of the 21st century, predict the effect of these trends on their own careers, complete career self-assessments, identify reliable sources of occupational and job information, and use these sources to design personal career goals as well as items to help them achieve those goals (e.g., resume, digital profile). Topics include employment trends, career definition in the 21st century, and the importance of developing new skills for a changing environment. The course is appropriate for students at any point in their careers. Note that there are two versions of this course, Introductory and Advanced. The advanced version requires additional research, analysis, discussion, and writing. Students should not take this course twice. This course was previously EDU 232062 21st Century Careers.
Course Area: Career Development
Level: Upper Level Undergraduate
Dates: 05-16-2022 - 07-08-2022
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Local Course ID: 22SU_ESC_SSAE3005_01
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