Microbiology with Lab


Empire State College

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    Fall 2022
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This lower level course expands on topics covered in introductory biology courses and further explores the field of microbiology. Microorganisms are all around us, often unseen, generally beneficial, and occasionally harmful. This course will uncover this unseen world and study the diverse lives of microorganisms. Topics will include microbial structure and function; metabolism and growth; genetics and diversity; and disease and control. Students will gain experience in basic microbiology laboratory techniques. Prerequisites: Biology I with Lab (BIOL 1200) and Biology II with Lab (BIOL 1201) or equivalents.
General Education Area(s): Natural Sciences
Course Area: Biology
Level: Lower Level Undergraduate
Dates: 09-06-2022 - 12-16-2022
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Local Course ID: 22FA_ESC_BIOL2200_01
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