Abnormal Psychology


SUNY Geneseo

  • Semester
    Summer 2022
  • Instructor
    Timothy Tomczak
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This course offers a framework for understanding maladaptive behavior focused on the symptoms, causes, and treatment of a range of psychopathology, including anxiety, personality, mood, psychophysiologic, schizophrenic, and substance abuse disorders. Each disorder is considered through a comparison of biological, psychological, and sociocultural viewpoints on the causes and treatment of abnormal behavior. Current research issues as well as legal and ethical issues related to the assessment and treatment of abnormal behavior are discussed.
Prerequisites: PSYC 100 (Undergraduate) is at least D
Course Area: Psychology
Level: Lower Level Undergraduate
Dates: 07-05-2022 - 08-12-2022
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Instructor: Timothy Tomczak
Local Course ID: 22SU_GEN_PSYC260_1
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