Art And Society


SUNY Canton

  • Semester
    Fall 2022
  • Instructor
    Shannon Drowne
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Art and Society explores the development of the Fine Arts and its relationship to social, political, and economic structures of both contemporary and historical cultures. Through the research, discussion, and presentation of several case studies in historical and contemporary art practices, students will develop their critical awareness of interdisciplinary relationships in present and past cultures. This course explores the artistic practice and production of several cultural epochs as both a symptom and parameter of social-political trends/events. Students will develop their understanding of significant contemporary and historical issues and explore their bearing and relationship to the Fine Arts.
General Education Area(s): Arts
Course Area: Art
Level: Lower Level Undergraduate
Dates: 08-25-2022 - 12-16-2022
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Instructor: Shannon Drowne
Local Course ID: 22FA_CAN_ARTS203_1
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