Principles Of Management


SUNY Canton

  • Semester
    Fall 2022
  • Instructor
    David Button
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This course applies key management concepts to all organizations; domestic and international, profit and non-profit, manufacturing and service, brick-and-mortar and virtual. It provides direction to the management philosophy, realities and imperatives for efficient and effective decision making, planning, organizing, leading, and controlling used for superior organizational performance. It equips students with skills and tools needed to contend the challenges encountered in domestic and/or global environment of the 21st century and the implication for IT. It allows students to transfer this knowledge to practice.
Course Area: Business
Level: Upper Level Undergraduate
Dates: 08-25-2022 - 12-16-2022
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Instructor: David Button
Local Course ID: 22FA_CAN_BSAD301_2
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