Ancient Astronomy


Ulster County Community College

  • Semester
    Fall 2023
  • Instructor
    Steven Schimmrich
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this course will examine the earliest origins of astronomy. the first half of the course will introduce students to the movements of the earth and other solar system objects; the phases and cycles of the moon; the origin of seasons, solstices, equinoxes, and eclipses; constellations and celestial navigation; and how ancient civilizations developed our earliest calendars. the second half of the course will be a broad survey of the historical development of astronomy from ancient times up to the scientific revolution of the renaissance period. cosmologies from representative cultures around the world will be examined along with significant archaeoastronomy sites including the egyptian pyramids, nabta, stonehenge, newgrange, chichén itza, machu picchu, chaco canyon, big horn medicine wheel, and others. pre and/or
Corequisites: ENG 101 and MAT 110 or higher.
General Education Area(s): Natural Sciences
Course Area: Astronomy
Level: Lower Level Undergraduate
Dates: 08-28-2023 - 12-20-2023
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Instructor: Steven Schimmrich
Local Course ID: 23FA_ULS_AST105_1
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