About SUNY Online

What is SUNY Online?

At SUNY, we are transforming the landscape of online learning. Drawing on our rich history of innovation, we’re placing the outstanding educational opportunities and talented faculty from our 64 campuses at your fingertips. No other institution has brought together an online learning environment to serve students at this scale and breadth. Once again, we are taking the lead.

SUNY Online opens the door to world-class online-enabled learning opportunities. SUNY Online is not a new degree program or a new school; it’s a seamless way for you to access the courses, degrees, professors, and rich academics of all 64 SUNY campuses flexibly—wherever and whenever you want. For the first time, SUNY is delivering its renowned high-quality education with an unprecedented breadth of tools, services, and supports designed to help you be successful.

  • Flexibility:
    Learn on your own schedule from wherever. No need to change your work schedule or change jobs to make time for school; you can learn when your schedule allows.
  • Support:
    You’ll have access to a real human being who knows you and is there for you.
  • Experience:
    The hands-on practical experience you need to be successful in the workplace is built into your SUNY Online experience.
  • Simplicity:
    SUNY Online brings together online program and course offerings so that they are easy to find. It’s never been simpler to see all SUNY has to offer.
  • Excellence:
    Faculty are the engine of SUNY, and SUNY Online provides them with the tools and supports they need to provide high-quality courses in an online environment
  • Access:
    SUNY's Affordable Learning Solutions provides faculty with an easy way to locate and utilize free and open educational materials to provide students with high-quality free or low-cost textbooks and other learning resources.

The potential and flexibility is limitless. Whether you’re starting a new degree, completing a degree started years ago, or furthering your education with online courses, SUNY Online can provide you with an educational experience tailored to your interests and needs.

What are SUNY Online Plus and Signature Programs?

In addition to housing over 600 online degree programs and over 23,000 course sections, SUNY Online is proud to feature over 120 programs that have earned the SUNY Online Plus designation and over 20 programs that are identified as SUNY Online Signature Programs. SUNY Online brings an additional layer of supports for students and faculty in these featured programs, creating unique online learning experiences unlike any that exist today.

As a student in a SUNY Online degree program powered by SUNY Online, you’ll have access to high-touch support dedicated to making you successful, including a personal concierge, help desk, and online tutoring. Your faculty will employ innovative, proven online teaching methods. And the SUNY Online experience doesn’t end with graduation—your degree program targets an area of high employer demand in New York State and beyond, and your education will equip you with the hands-on experience you need for a successful career in your field.

SUNY Online Plus SUNY Online Plus Programs include these specific benefits:

  • Personal Concierge:
    One point of contact for all questions about your program, big and small, who will follow you throughout your degree.
  • HelpDesk and Tutoring:
    Support that matches your schedule.
  • Experiential Learning:
    Access to real-life experiences to position you for employment, providing opportunities with a wealth of New York State employers at a scale no other university can provide.
  • Industry-Leading Teaching Practices:
    A learning experience that incorporates world-class faculty and teaching practices, building on the deep knowledge and research cultivated across the SUNY network.
  • High-Need Areas
    Your degree is in a field recognized as "high need" in New York State and beyond, meaning high employer demand and attractive employment opportunities after graduation.

SUNY Online Signature Program SUNY Online Signature Programs, in addition to the above supports, also include:

  • 100% Online:
    This program is presented 100% online. You will not be expected to attend any classes on campus.
  • Same faculty as on campus:
    The faculty that teach online classes are the same faculty that students learn from on-campus.
  • SUNY Online Success Coach:
    Success Coaches are available for onboarding, networking, and success webinars with coaches and peers. One-on-one application support is available (no application fee).