The Philosophy of Horror


Binghamton University

  • Semester
    Summer 2024
  • Instructor
    Jeanette Franza
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What is it that makes us simultaneously want to watch and to look away as a monster approaches a vulnerable victim? What turns horror stories into page-turners? What is so scary about a can of worms, and why are we so repulsively attracted to the gore and the gross? Using a variety of novels and films from The Shining to Poltergeist, this course offers a philosophical and aesthetic exploration of the lower depths of our existence.
General Education Area(s): Basic Communication
Course Area: Humanities
Level: Upper Level Undergraduate
Dates: 07-08-2024 - 08-09-2024
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Instructor: Jeanette Franza
Local Course ID: 24SU_BIN_COLI331U_02
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