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You will earn the same diploma as our on-campus students

In order to strengthen SUNY College of Optometry graduates potential to be leaders in their field, SUNY College of Optometry and SUNY Empire State College jointly offer the Advanced Graduate Certificate in Optometry Business Management. 

The certificate provides knowledge and critical tools to identify, anticipate, analyze and address important economic, policy and organizational challenges that optometry students will confront as they transition into professional roles and progress in their careers.

What's an advanced certificate?
Advanced, or graduate, certificates are designed to provide focused study to support a particular career interest. They vary in number of credits and typically require students to have a bachelor’s degree.

How do I enroll?

Follow these steps to start your application

  1. Go to the online application
  2. Create an account
  3. Complete the forms or save for later
  4. Pay the application fee (if applicable)
  5. Submit any supplemental materials, if required
  6. Send in your academic records

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