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Whether you are a recent high school graduate or an adult student with an interest in social work, substance abuse counseling, early childhood education, or inclusive special education, the Human Services A.S. will be of interest to you. Upon completion of your A.S. degree, you will be prepared to obtain an entry-level job in a setting related to your specialty area, or you may choose to continue your education through transfer to a four-year institution. 

There are four specialty options in the Human Services A.S.: 

  1. Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counseling
  2. Social Work
  3. Inclusive Special Education, and 
  4. Early Childhood Education. 

All students will take two introductory courses specific to the specialization they select. Students planning to transfer after graduation will take four 3-credit courses and one 3-credit fieldwork course. 

Students planning to obtain an entry-level job following graduation will take three 3-credit courses and two 3-credit fieldwork courses in their chosen specialization. A personal interview may be required before you are admitted to the Human Services program. If you choose to transfer into the Human Services program from another Onondaga curriculum, you must have at least a 2.0 cumulative average. Your academic and professional competence will be periodically reviewed by the faculty. 

Enrollment and continuation in the Human Services program are subject to faculty approval. Your academic and professional competence will be periodically reviewed by the faculty. ln order to graduate, you must achieve a grade of C or better in the required Human Services courses. Special program costs include bus or car expenses for transportation to and from the field work sites. 

You may be required to have a medical examination, a tuberculin test, a background check, and fingerprinting before beginning your field work internship.

What's an associate degree?
An associate degree usually takes two years of study and prepares students for employment or transfer to a bachelor’s program at a four-year university.

How do I enroll?

Follow these steps to start your application

  1. Go to the online application
  2. Create an account
  3. Complete the forms or save for later
  4. Pay the application fee (if applicable)
  5. Submit any supplemental materials, if required
  6. Send in your academic records

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